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                Mid/High Rise Models                           Schools, Churches, and Public Buildings


                           La Bris                                                        TOHO Water Authority

                     Island Harbour                                                      Conference Center

                 Empire World Towers                                           Manatee Players Theater

                         Villa Cesar                                                       The Baylor School

                         Bella Capri                                                      Grant County YMCA

                     Gables Monarch                                              Revealing Truth Ministries

                      Gables Regent                                                    Revealing Truth Two

                           The Vue                                               The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

                Aquatica Beach Resort                                             FGCU Innovation Hub

                       Dunedin Grand                                                Florida Christian College

                        Largo Station

                          The Roads



          Topographical & Site Models                                    Study/ Massing Models


                        Fisher Island                                                        500 Sunny Isles

                       Bella Tuscany                                                       6900 Collins Ave.

                      Plazzo Del Sol                                                               Bijou

                   Tesoro Beach Club                                                       St. Tropez

               Transportation Site Model                                                 Indian Creek

                                                                                            Sunny Isles Beach Marina

                                                                                                Ocean Beach Resort


                                                                                                  Dubai Promenade

                                                                                                     Playa Delfines

                                                                                              Young Hollywood Circle


                                                                                                 Clean Stream Team

                                                                                                         Fun Times

                                                                                                   Al Ain Zoo Resort

                                                                                         Al Ain Zoor Resort Sales Center

                                                                                                   City of the Future


            Residential & Interior Models                             Military & Trade Show Models


                   Workman Residence                                            Army Interactive Display

                  The Bluff's Golf Villas                                         Army Interactive Display Two

                   Tesoro Beach Interior                                                Military Simulators

                                                                                                    RCTD Simulator

                                                                                                     CDT Simulator

                                                                                                  AVCATT Simulator

                                                                                                   PMATS Simulator

                                                                                             Army Trade Show Display

                                                                                        Raydon Route Clearance Trainer


                     Aircraft Replicas                                                     Custom Models


                            RC-135                                                             Continuous Miner

                       U2 Spy Plane                                                             Motor Home

                      MQ-1 Predator                                                            Wind Turbine

                              U-28                                                                 Section Model

                            King Air








Duplex Floor


Palisade Floor

Concordia II

Concordia II Floor



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