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It is the policy of Advanced Architectural Solutions LLC (AAS Model) to provide our clients with Fast Free Accurate estimates from the very beginning.  Through years of experience we have learned to anticipate anything when it comes to bidding on and designing a project.  In order to effectively provide you with a proposal to meet your individual needs we will need as much accurate information from you regarding your project as possible.  We will discuss the scale and purpose of the model with you in great depth and will lock in a budget range to stay within even before we actually start the estimating process.  This will save valuable time and money and will guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final product.


Our commitment to communication is what sets us apart from most other model shops.  Our goal is to keep you as up to date during the progress of your project as possible.  This allows us to guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your finished model, prototype, etc. prior to delivery.  We update our clients on a weekly basis through the use of e-mail and digital photography.  We provide time lines as to where we are in the model making process as well as "construction photos" which will allow you to view your project prior to completion.  We also welcome and encourage our clients to visit our office anytime during the construction process to view their project.


Advanced Architectural Solutions LLC (AAS Model) guarantees on time delivery for all of our projects.  Every estimate provided by AAS includes a delivery date from which we guarantee that your project will be completed and delivered to its final destination.  Please note that when changes are made to a project after the signing of a contract the delivery date may change accordingly.





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